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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Absolute Speculation -- Over at CBR, Augie ponders possible "Absolute" releases for DC to consider. Here are the ones I totally agree with:

Absolute StormWatch -- Ideally, this would include all the Warren Ellis-written issues with art by Tom Raney, Hitch and Neary, and others, even if that meant two separate volumes. Ideally ideally, either Raney or Hitch would redraw all the fill-ins that were done by far lesser Wildstorm lights of the time.

Absolute All-Star Superman -- Augie calls this "iffy," and leans toward All-Star Goddamn Batman and Goddamn Robin instead, but I wouldn't give you fifty cents for any of the Jim Lee-drawn Absolutes, even the ones not written by Frank Miller while high on cough syrup, as his All-Star effort clearly is. Nope, give me Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely's all-you-need-to-know version of Superman, in a glorious, oversized hardcover.

Absolute Top Ten -- This is troubling because Alan Moore would likely be opposed to it, and I favour creator rights over reader wishes or corporate greed every time. But assuming Moore didn't throw eye-daggers at such a project, I'd like to see it include all 12 glorious issues of the original Top Ten, which really should have been ready by now by anyone who loves great comics, plus I would also include the five-issue Smax mini-series, which was very different in tone but would be a worthy addition to what would be a very heavy Absolute Edition, indeed.

In addition to the titles above that Augie suggested, I'd like to see:

Absolute Catwoman by Ed Brubaker, Darwyn Cooke, Cameron Stewart and others -- everything by Brubaker up to the point where Paul Gulacy came on as artist and the book went straight downhill. I think the first 24 issues, which would be great in two Absolute volumes.

Absolute New Gods -- I know they're readily available in the Fourth World Omnibus volumes, but there they're split up by the alternating issues of other titles as well. An Absolute version of this series is so obviously necessary it hurts.

Absolute Action Heroes by Steve Ditko -- DC's already remastered Steve Ditko's Question, Blue Beetle and Captain Atom stories for their Archives editions, now let's get them into a format they truly deserve.

And the obvious one for anyone who knows me at all:

Absolute Sleeper - Let's get Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips's 24 masterful issues into the format they were born for, already. Imagine how shameful DC will look if Marvel gets to press first with a Criminal Omnibus? (Which I also would kill for, it goes without saying.) (Oh, and I worked up the image accompanying this post myself, using a Sleeper cover I found online. Don't you wish it was the real thing?)

Those are my Absolute thoughts, at any rate. Now click over to CBR to see Augie's Absolute wish-list.


Blogger Scott Dunbier said...

Those are all good choices, would love to see them. The one I always dreamed of was Absolute Promethea, collecting all 32 issues. It would have been horizontal format, so all the spreads go on single pages. It would have been standard Absolute height, 12 inches, but 16 inches wide. A gigantic 464 pages. I put in a proposal for it but at the end of the day it was deemed to be too cost prohibitive, retail price in the neighborhood of $150. Can’t really ague with their logic. But, damn, it would have been beautiful.

13 July, 2008 16:18  

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