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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Yam: Bite-Size Chunks -- Top Shelf is looking to give young Owly fans something else to read, and Yam is an engaging and beautifully drawn incursion into that demographic.

It's super, super , SUPER-cute stuff, but the mini-adventures the little guy gets into are visually interesting and inventive enough to hold the interest of an older reader too.

I was most impressed by the cartooning. Corey Barba's ink line is confident, crunchy and a little addictive. I couldn't stop looking at how he shades and defines the objects and creatures he depicts -- a little Rick Geary noodling here, a little Jim Woodring hatching there, it all adds up to something gorgeous to look at.

And like I say, it's fun, too. If you can't count your age using just your fingers, the stories may or may not stick with you, but Barba's art is well worth looking at for comic art fans of any age and inclination.

Yam: Bite-Size Chunks is available from Top Shelf Productions.



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