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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Look Out! Monsters -- This 2007 Xeric Award winner will be arriving in comic book stores in September, and if you like experimental artcomix, or even just monsters, you definitely want to give your retailer a heads-up to order this for you.

Arriving in an oversized, tabloid-sized format, Look Out! Monsters is a work of collage that celebrates comic art by remixing images from old comics, newspaper sheets and images of Frankenstein's Monster. It's kind of like creator Geoff Grogan took Brian Chippendale's Maggots, a month-old New York Times, a random issue of Famous Monsters of Filmland and an issue of Lee and Kirby's Fantastic Four, tossed them all in a blender and created a visually stunning smoothie of comics genius.

There is some storytelling at work here, and a great, witty final image, but I can't tell you what the hell it all means, other than that Grogan has a lot of love for pop culture, and a brilliant visual style. Look Out! Monsters is an amazing artifact of art and comics that invites multiple readings and interpretations, and the hope that Grogan intends to do more, and soon.



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