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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Kirby and Godland and Scioli and Spurgeon -- Bunch of thoughts: I bought Kirby Five-Oh! yesterday and devoured it last night. The theme is 50 things about Kirby, like his 50 best character designs, 50 best covers, etc. I don't read the magazine regularly anymore, but as someone who picked up the first issue way back when, I'm thrilled it's still going strong and I love the tabloid format.

Speaking of Kirby, Tom Spurgeon has a new interview up with GODLAND artist Tom Scioli. I'm bummed out to hear that GODLAND is coming to an end (many months from now, thankfully, as they're taking the time to wrap up the mind-blowing series), because it's one of the most entertaining superhero comics being published today, and Casey and Scioli have really created something special that, twenty years from now, will be recognized as genius in the same way the Fourth World stories are finally just now getting their full due. Good on The Spurge for giving so muchspace to Scioli to talk about his work, and if you haven't seen the GODLAND CELESTIAL EDITION, man, do pick it up. It might just change your life.

Oh, and back to Kirby Five-Oh! Man, do I ever want a print of that Moses portrait that Kirby had hanging on his wall.


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