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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Go and Read: Spurgeon on Uncanny X-Men -- Unexpected pleasure of the week, Tom Spurgeon's longish essay on why Claremont/Cockrum/Byrne/Austin-era X-Men were popular then and well-remembered now. I particularly like the passage where Tom, off the top of his head, mentions some visual high points like Jason Wyngarde's revealing shadow, images that stick with fans from that era even today.

I do think Claremont and Byrne set up the reason why Colossus put on his Soviet gear and declared himself a hardcore commie, though, Tom -- wasn't he brainwashed? Maybe not in a way that convinces us 40ish readers decades later, but when I was 13 or 14, it seemed reason enough for him to turn on his teammates.

Reading Tom's excellent thoughts on what remains my favourite corporate superhero stories of all time reminds me: Marvel, isn't it about time for Uncanny X-Men Omnibus Volume Two?



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