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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Gary Groth Explains Why I Love Comics -- Or, conversely, you could look at this quote (from an interview at Newsarama) as a great example of why "superhero fans" actually don't like comics, despite the fact that the artform is the delivery system for their drug of choice.
"[W]hat I look for is an interpretation of the world, using all the tools and tricks and vocabulary of the medium to most imaginative advantage. The canvas can be minute and interior -- as in Jonathan Bennett's work -- or vast and politicized -- as in Tom Kaczynski's stories. What's important is that the artist has a take on the world, realized with a degree of artistry. And that's different in kind than merely explicating or describing or transcribing the world as he sees it or understands it — it's different than journalism or sociology -- because the imagination can get at something deeper or stranger or off-kilter in a way that a straight recitation of facts can't. Personally, I also look for potential, so it doesn't have to be an artist whose vision is necessarily fully formed, but someone who has that touch of insight and ought to be encouraged and cultivated -- so, in a way, MOME is like an ongoing laboratory experiment."
I couldn't imagine a better explanation of the value of artcomix in general and anthologies (like MOME) in particular.



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