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Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Albany Comicon -- My wife and I brought our kids to today's Albany Comicon at the Holiday Inn on Wolf Road.

Calling it a "comicon" is a bit of a stretch -- it really was just a dealers' room and a modest artists alley populated by local and regional creators like John Hebert, Todd Dezago and Matt Smith. There were no panels and really nothing at all to do except browse the dealers' wares and meet the creators, unless you count hanging out with friends, which luckily we got to do.

Former FantaCo stalwart Rocco Nigro and I had a great chat, and I asked him to keep an eye out for his former FantaCo compatriot Roger Green, who had said he might attend. Soon enough, Roger appeared as well, and we were able to spend some time chatting about FantaCo, and my and Roger's sadly never-realized plans for a regular column about the FantaCo era for -- remember this? -- "The New Comic Book Galaxy." That unrealized idea is probably my biggest regret about CBG; I really, really wanted to host -- and more importantly, read -- Roger's memories of that time. Luckily he still talks about those days from time to time, and a little bird tells me he plans at least one big post on the subject this summer.

The most fascinating, and frankly moving, part of my talk with Rocco and Roger today was hearing Roger recount his experiences the week cartoonist and FantaCo employee Raoul Vezina died. I remember that time, and Raoul, quite well, I miss him and his work more than I can ever really explain, and as I mentioned to Roger and Rocco, I remain amazed to this day that no one has really created a proper tribute to Raoul and his work on the internet.

Anyway, talking to Rocco and Roger was definitely the highlight of my day at the Albany Comicon -- it was a decent first effort, I guess, but the complete lack of any artcomix/alternatives/undergrounds/mini-comics/manga really left me pretty ambivalent about the event. Not that I was surprised, but it would have been nice if there had been some diversity beyond the relentless superheroes and Star Wars skew, which was in evidence virtually at every dealer's table. Getting together with friends and fellow bloggers is great, but it would have been really nice to come home with an armload of comics to read, and I came home with nothing (other than a freebie copy of The Daredevil Chronicles to replace my dog-eared copy).

But anytime Rocco and Roger want to get together and talk comics, FantaCo, or anything else, man, my schedule is wide open. Get in touch, guys.

Update: Roger's account of the convention is up now. Unlike Roger, I didn't win anything in the hourly raffles, although my ticket was off by only one digit late in the day...I'm glad he took home some swag, though.


Blogger Roger Green said...

I happen to agree with your assessment of the show as not a convention, though I had such low expectations... I just wanted to see folks, and when you went to lunch, I had a lengthy conversation with Rocco about a couple things, so it was all fine.

28 April, 2008 09:20  

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