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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

David Brooks on Hillary's Fall -- Here's a good piece on why Hillary's days are numbered no matter how you slice it, and why she should get out of the way now to ensure that the right thing happens on Election Day, 2008. Every day she stays in the race against Obama at this point endangers us all and puts us at risk of another four years of the kind of illegal thuggery that has defined the past eight years of American politics under the obscene, lawless Bush "administration."

If you had told me a decade ago that I would be praying for Hillary to fail even as Rush Limbaugh urges his listeners to vote for her, man, I'd have had you institutionalized. But that's just how upside-down and inside-out current political reality is. Hillary -- a woman who once championed universal health care for all and is now in the pocket of the idea's most vicious opponents -- is Al Gore and John Kerry all over again, weak in will but resolute in her refusal to get out of the way of better candidates because it's her "turn." And the last vestiges of hope I have for this destroyed American political system lies solely in the hands of Barack Obama.

Not that President Obama is facing any glorious future either, as these pieces at Market Watch, CNN and Jim Kunstler's blog indicate.



Blogger CH said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

"President Obama"??!!

WAAAAAY too premature, my friend. Possibly, but way to premature.

25 March, 2008 22:06  
Blogger Alan David Doane said...

Seems most voters in the Democratic Party beg to differ. I'm an Independent and therefore was unable to vote in NY's primary, but in the general election at this point, unless someone else better enters the race, Obama's the best candidate I see. In fact, the ONLY acceptable one left.

25 March, 2008 23:03  
Blogger Roger Green said...

As I've noted in my blog, Obama's explanation of Wright resonates with me. And conversely, Hillary's attack on the topic is not only showing party disloyalty, but also just plain wrong. I've been busy defending her against those who thought she should have dumped Bill; no, I said, it's her decision. Well, same thing here; one does not leave one's church easily, I know from personal experience.

27 March, 2008 10:40  

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