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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Retailing Reader's Poll Reminder -- If you missed it yesterday, check out the details on the poll I am conducting on your experiences spending money at comic book stores. There's a chance to win a prize pack of free comics, and everyone who's entered so far seems to be enjoying filling out the poll, so have a look.

I have to tell you, in over seven years of running this site, I cannot remember a contest, poll or promotion that has ever gotten this sort of response. My inbox runneth over, so thank you to everyone who has responded so far, as well as all the people who have posted news of the poll on their sites, blogs, message boards and wherever else word has gotten out. I do want as many perspectives as humanly possible, so please fill out the poll and tell as many other comic book readers about it as you can. Best entry by just before midnight Sunday night will win the prize pack, and please remember to include your name and address if you want in on the prizes, and let me know if you want to be anonymous or if it's okay to use your name.

This poll is only part of what I hope will be an informative and enlightening discussion about our experiences buying comics, and it's clear already from my email that some key industry people are keeping an eye on what you have to say. Hits on this site were through the roof yesterday, and I'm gratified that so many people have chosen to participate in this. I've spent years mouthing off about what I think about my experiences buying comics, and I'm having a blast finding out what you think the state of comics retailing is. If you haven't sent me your responses yet, please read the poll details and send me your thoughts now.



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