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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Atheists and Christians Agree on Nearly Everything -- Here's lists of gods athiests don't believe in and gods Christians don't believe in. Almost identical! I would have included Glycon the Snake-God on at least one of those lists, though.

And as I always remind my kids, just because a god isn't real doesn't mean the idea of its existence can't hold great power over large groups of people.



Blogger Bubba said...

Alan, consider the question, what integer is prime and even?

A person who believes that truth is real and objective would believe that there is only one answer, the number 2. A person who denies that truth is real would believe that there are no answers.

They agree that -1 is not the answer. They agree that 0 is not the answer. They agree that 10,000 is not the answer... Look how they agree on nearly everything!

That doesn't mean that where they disagree is unimportant.

Similarly, the observation that Christians deny the existence of all gods but one doesn't diminish the significance between our position and the position of atheists.

And, it doesn't imply that Christians should deny the one deity they affirm anymore than the objectivist should deny that there really is one integer that is both prime and even.

Cute as this observation is, it really is a complete non sequitur when it comes to evaluating whether Christianity is true or plausible.

12 February, 2008 13:09  

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