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Monday, January 14, 2008

Monday Briefly -- Just a couple notes this morning...

* Noah Berlatsky looks at whatever happened to Ariel Schrag; I think it was Jason Marcy that first alerted me to Schrag's comics. I guess her GLBT autobio subject matter and outsider art style mean she's an acquired taste at best, but I've liked the comic I've read by her (Definition, and some issues of Likewise) and would like to read more.

* I started reading the new Acme Novelty Library last night; since it features Chris Ware's "Building Stories," I was kind of dreading it. To date the excerpts of Building Stories that I have encountered have left me pretty uninterested. But Ware pulls it all together in Acme #18, and his character study of a lonely young woman could end up being his best and most natural storytelling yet. I'm still looking forward to more Rusty Brown (serialized in Acme #16 and 17), but I want to read more of Building Stories even more.

* The new issue of Buffy Season 8, a standalone Joss Whedon story, kind of confused the hell out of me. I feel like I should have understood it a lot better than I did, and I'm not sure if Whedon is to blame, or me. Maybe when more of the "season" unfolds, it will make more sense.

* I've been reading Greg Rucka's Atticus Kodiak novels, and regretting I didn't check them out sooner. I've read the first three, and am on the related novel "Shooting at Midnight" (featuring Kodiak's colleague/girlfriend), and all of them have been excellent so far. Tightly written suspense stories with an engaging cast and an excellent sense of both place and subject matter. All of 'em (the first is Keeper) are highly recommended.


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