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Monday, December 10, 2007

The Monday Briefing -- Thanks to everyone who sent a "get well soon" message after I sprained my wrist last weekend -- it's still sore and a bit stiff, but getting better every day.

* Congratulations to James and Amy Kochalka on the birth of their second son. Oliver Kochalka's welcome to the world happens at the same time that James has completely overhauled his American Elf website and made much more content free for everyone who stops by (and with new enticements for subscribers). Kochalka says the move was an immediate success: "On Thanksgiving, our second son, Oliver Jonco Kochalka was born. Exactly two weeks later on the evening of Thursday, December 6th, we launched the redesign of American Elf. The news of the change spread. My readership went from about 270 unique users on Wednesday...to about 200,000 or so on Friday. Page views were well in excess of 700,000!" See? Information really does want to be free. Or something like that.

* I read Jim Munroe and Salgood Sam's new Therefore Repent graphic novel over the weekend. You may recall I was blown away by Salgood's RevolveR #1 (and remain on high alert waiting for the second issue). Salgood Sam's art is every bit as accomplished in Therefore Repent as one might expect, but the story about a post-Rapture society dealing with the aftermath of 144,000 believers ascending to the heavens never really engaged my attention. I got all the way through the book, and I understand the plot, but that's the most I can say for the story. Salgood Sam draws the hell out of the whole thing, and I wish I had been more immersed in the story, but despite the obvious care taken in putting it together, it just didn't work for me.

* Something else that didn't work for me was the most recent issue of Grant Morrison's Batman. I'd been more or less enjoying the title the past few months -- the three-issue arc illustrated by JH Williams had a lot of the genius Morrison injected into his JLA work -- but the way the Ra's al Ghul crossover is intruding into the one Batman title I am still reading is enormously off-putting. Rather than conning me into picking up every Bat-title, DC has me thinking of just dropping Batman from my pull list. And believe me, there's not much DC left on there anyway.

* In fact, here's what is on my pull list as of this month (titles with an asterisk I get for my kids):

All-Star Superman
Bart Simpson Comics*
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8
Comics Journal
Franklin Richards*
Futurama Comics*
Love & Rockets
Marvel Zombies 2
Punisher MAX
Scott Pilgrim
Simpsons Comics*
Simpsons Classics*
Teen Titans Go*
Teen Titans Year One*

I'm dropping The Spirit after #12 because I'm not interested in the post-Darwyn Cooke series; Planetary has one issue to go, and Christ only knows when it will appear. Even I am shocked to see that leaves All-Star Superman and the currently aggravating Batman on my DC reading list. But I see what Tom Spurgeon had to say about one DC title (Salvation Run #1) yesterday as applying to virtually the entire output of the company these days: "There's a sadness and pathetic quality to this comic's existence that I'm unable to communicate in words, as despite liking many of the creators I could never shake my first reaction: 'It's come to this?'"

It sure has, Tom. It sure has.



Blogger Richard Marcej said...

One of the reasons why I enjoy Jonah Hex (one of the few DC books I still buy) is that it can't be tied in* with other books or whatever weekly thing they're up to these days.

* - well, never say never, I guess. They could do some funky time travel crossover. The day that occurs in the monthly book though- I'm outta there!

11 December, 2007 13:55  

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