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Monday, December 17, 2007

The Monday Briefing -- A quiet weekend was spent mostly at home, resisting the urge to brave the snowstorm that left over a foot of snow in our region. And winter? Not even officially here yet. Good Lord, Choke! My friend Tim came over Saturday afternoon and we spent a couple of fun hours watching shows he'd never seen before, specifically the pilots of Firefly and The Larry Sanders Show. We had tried earlier in the day to find some movies to rent, but nothing seemed worth picking up...anyway:

* A couple of very good recent comics related interviews: Tom Spurgeon talks to Joe Sacco about the new hardcover Palestine collection; Brian Warmoth speaks with James Kochalka about the American Elf makeover.

* Chris Allen reviews some recent releases, and even finds a kind word to say about the Spider-Man Clone Saga when considering 500+ issues of Amazing Spider-Man.

* Oh, look -- DC is publishing a new Darwyn Cooke New Frontier one-shot (link via The Beaucoup One). I knew sooner or later DC'd publish another comic I would want to read.

* Speaking of stuff I want to read, Fantagraphics has sent out their Spring/Summer 2008 book trade catalog, and man, there's some juicy stuff in there. A 7th and (for now) final Love and Rockets trade in the recent "manga-size" (as they call it) format , Blake Bell's promising Steve Ditko hardcover, and most excitingly of all, B. Krigstein Vol. 2, the conclusion of Greg Sadowski's art book/biography. The first volume is one of my favourite books of all time, so I am looking very much forward to picking up where B. Krigstein Vol. 1 left off.



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