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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Boxing Day -- Here's my annual salute to my favourite day of the holiday season.

Twas the night before Boxing Day, and all through my home
My wife and my children begged me to leave it alone.

"Boxing Day is dumb," Aaron said, with disgust
It was something, I fear, that we'd often discussed.

Kira and Lora had no interest at all
Even though on Boxing Day you can go to the mall.

On Christmas, On Thanksgiving, on Easter you can't
"But Boxing Day is different," I said, and started to rant.

It's a fun holiday, filled with laughter and joy
Yet I could generate no interest in my girl, or my boy.

"It's the day after Christmas," I said, "A day for bacchanalia!"
Celebrated primarily in Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

My daughter rolled her eyes and called out to her mom
For she knew that Boxing Day, to my wife, was also a bomb.

I could get no support, no one wanted to cheer
As I waited anxiously for Boxing Day to appear.

Boxing Day originated in England in the mid-nineteenth century
But the only one joyous in my house is me.

While boxes were once filled with gifts for the servants
I feared, once again, I'd have a solitary observance.

Something about the day just appeals to my sense of the contrary
As I sit amid the havoc of Christmas and sauce made of cranberry.

So enjoy your Christmas, your tree and your presents
I'll wait for Boxing Day, it's my favourite day of the year...is what I think this poem meant.

Happy Boxing Day!


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