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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Alan Moore's Yuggoth Cultures and Other Growths TPB -- I got my contributor's copies of this new Avatar Press release yesterday, and damn, is it an impressive package.

It's about twice the size it was originally solicited at, and in addition to collecting the Alan Moore miniseries, it also has stories by Antony Johnston also working in the Lovecraft-inspired vein that Moore tapped for the series. There's an impressive roster of artists including Juan Jose Ryp, Oscar Zarata (on a From Hell tie-in story that is must reading for fans of that series) and my personal favourite, Jacen Burrows.

Of interest to Comic Book Galaxy readers, the volume contains a number of text features, including the complete text of my 2004 interview with Alan Moore that was originally broadcast (in greatly edited form) on NPR affiliate WAMC in Albany, New York. I've never had a better time interviewing anyone in my life than the time I spent talking to Moore, and he touches on a great many topics, from his interest in magic and mysticism to the legal entanglements of Marvelman/Miracleman, and most fascinating to me, we talk about how Moore kicked off the transformation of superhero comics in the 1980s, a subject he has very mixed feelings about. Re-reading the interview last night, I was delighted to remember springing my theory on him about the precise moment (in an issue of Swamp Thing) that Moore unintentionally inaugurated the grim 'n gritty era in a fantastic scene that still gives me chills every time I read it, but which was the unwitting inspiration for a thousand less gifted creators to mishandle other creative properties for decades afterward.

But my interview is just a dozen or so pages in a mammoth slab of great comics and other features, and I hope you'll consider adding it to your bookshelf. I'm thrilled to finally have it on mine. Also having read the fantastic new League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Black Dossier yesterday, it was a great day in my house to be an Alan Moore reader. Either or both would make great holiday gifts for someone you know who loves great comics created with unbounded enthusiasm for the artform.



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