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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Me and My CAT Scan -- Well, it's wasn't really just a CAT scan, turns out, but a CAT scan, x-rays and two separate ultrasounds.

The entire experience took less time than I expected, and I have to say, Sicko not withstanding, it was far less humiliating and aggravating than I was expecting. But then again, I have health insurance, thank whatever gods there be.

It was pretty extraordinary how far out of their way everyone, from the woman at the check-in desk to the final ultrasound technician, seemed to go to make sure I was comfortable and understood what was going on. The one time I knew more than they did about what my doctor wanted done, they double-checked the order and quickly apologized for the confusion.

The worst discomfort came from having to drink a lot -- a lot -- of water for the ultrasound test. The woman who performed that test was the only person who didn't seem to enjoy The ADD Experience; when she began the test (which was seemingly identical to the test they do on pregnant women to check the development of the fetus), I joked that "I don't want to know if it's a boy or a girl, I want to be surprised." Yeah, she was not amused. Well, I was trying to get through it all in good humour.

The second-worst discomfort was trying to clean up all the KY Jelly after the test -- that stuff gets everywhere. Any jokes that sprung to mind about that went unspoken, rest assured.

So now I wait to see what the results say when my doctor(s) get them in a few days. Thanks to everyone who's commented or dropped me an email recently for their kind wishes during this time, your kind thoughts and good wishes have really helped me during a period of pretty extreme stress and uncertainty. Hopefully the resolution to my recent problems will be as easy as today's tests ultimately turned out to be.



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