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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Marvel Zombies 2 #1 -- Kirkman and Phillips pick up where they left off (albeit 50 years later) without missing a beat. Of course, 50 years isn't so long when you're a zombie, or possess a devoured portion of the Power Cosmic, or both, so most of the gang from the first series is back, some in surprising and gratifying ways.

Sean Phillips's art seems rougher than the previous series, or that he's delivering for Criminal, but his crunchy, neo-old school stylings are always a joy to see on Marvel characters, especially zombified ones.

Yes, zombies are a worn-out trend in comics, but in Marvel Zombies the gorgeous art and tongue-in-cheek (or protruding through cheek?) pathos provide non-stop entertainment.

Keep all your Wars, both Secret and Civil -- I'll take as much more Marvel Zombies as Kirkman and Phillips have to deliver. Beware shoddy spin-offs, one-shots and what-have-you by other creators (both past and future), but Marvel Zombies as envisioned by Kirkman and Phillips is some great superhero comics that walk a fine line between (ha!) biting satire and genuine superhero melodrama.



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