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Monday, October 08, 2007

Liveblogging Columbus Day -- Woke up sometime after 1:30 this morning, peed and went online. No emails to speak of; there never are on holiday weekends, not that Columbus Day is much of a holiday. No offense, Columbus, but there's a lot more people who deserve a day before you.

Worked a bit on my revived MySpace page. It's obnoxious and addicting all at the same time. Amazing. I hope Jenna Fischer re-friends me now that I am back.

Convinced I might go back to bed, I return to my room just before 3 AM. I try to call Dan Kemp because he is working overnight on the air in Albany and asked on MySpace for people to call him. He doesn't answer. Probably hitting on chicks on the request line. Good for him. Those were the days.

Read a little more of the Richard Paul Russo sci-fi novel trilogy Carlucci; I finished the first novel in the trilogy last night and I thought a little more reading, just starting the second book, might make me sleepy, as reading often does. It doesn't. I think about cataloging the about 1,000 comics I plucked to sell off or trade yesterday, but I don't want to get lost in that thankless task in the middle of the night.

Still wide awake, I take a shower about 3:45 AM; why does no one throw away the old shampoo bottles? There are at least 6 in the bathroom, and probably more. We need to fix the window, the cold air is blowing in and winter will be here soon.

Showered, I decide not to bother going back to bed. I will read and screw around on the internet and go get breakfast and probably go in to work early. It's easier to get things done before the self-absorbed I NEED HELP RIGHT NOW AND I AM THE ONLY ONE THAT NEEDS IT crowd shows up at 9.

Oops, almost stepped on the cat. She is acting a bit off because she had a flea treatment yesterday and is still a bit annoyed, I think, but in need of extra affection. ADD: All About the Extra Affection.

More to come on this, A Day in the Life of ADD.


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