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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Lifelike -- A small press creator whose work always entertains me is Dara Naraghi. His AKA and other small press comics have always been a blast to read, and it's clear he's in it for the love of creating comics, not because he wants to score a movie deal or hook up with Image or Marvel.

He asked me to mention that his new graphic novel Lifelike is solicited in the current (October) Previews catalog, and I definitely think you should click the link and consider pre-ordering it. It's the "Featured Item" on page 300 of Previews, and the Diamond order code is OCT07 3596. A lot of the book, which started as a webcomic, is available to read at that link, and being published by IDW, it's a good bet the production quality of the finished edition will be top-notch. Click on over and give Lifelike a look.



Blogger Dara said...

Alan, just wanted to say "thanks" for the kind words and posting the link to Lifelike. Much appreciated!


04 October, 2007 22:02  

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