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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Story of OH! -- I've had an advance look at a new adult webcomic called The Story of OH! by Charles Alverson and JL Roberson, and it looks fantastic. Click the image for full-size...

Here's the scoop from JL himself:

THE STORY OF OH!...is somewhat parodic, and a chance for me to indulge my love of the great Guido Crepax, whose version of the original O is what started me down this seedy road of adult cartooning. But by far the greatest honor in this, for me, is that it represents my second occasion to work with my special guest writer, the one, the only, Charles Alverson! In addition to his longtime work in journalism, Charles is known as the editor, under Harvey Kurtzman, of the legendary HELP! Magazine. Even more famously, he has collaborated twice with director Terry Gilliam, having written the screenplay for Jabberwocky (still beats Holy Grail in the Dark Ages Comedy category hands down), and the original draft, called “The Ministry,” of what became Brazil. But he’s one of the world’s great humorists no matter what side of the Atlantic he’s on at the moment. Charles, via Jabberwocky, is one of my biggest influences, so it’s a huge kick to get to draw his work.

The strip will be available at Adult Web Comics beginning tomorrow, so click over, bookmark that page and keep an eye on what looks to be a visually stunning new webcomic.


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