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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Saturday Morning -- Yes, I think I am feeling better, thanks very much. I made it through the entire work day yesterday, and even went out with my wife after work for a nice meal and a trip to the funnybook store. I still have a bit of a cough, but keep your fingers crossed that that doesn't turn into anything worse, as it often does.

Confidential to CA: I was having dinner with my wife when you called last night, sorry dude. :-(

Funnybooks: Black Ghost Apple Factory by Jeremy Tinder is sweet, funny, touching and thoughtful. Even a bit emo, to borrow a word from my daughter, who has never heard of Emo Phillips. It's a really solid collection of short stories that kept me amused and engaged all the way through. I liked Tinder's earlier Cry Yourself to Sleep, but Black Ghost is even better.

More funnybooks: Second issue of Ellis's Doktor Sleepless entertained me. It's not as brutally entertaining as Black Summer, and there's a lot of Ellis going on about cell phones and social networks, as he is wont to do. But I'd rather read that than anything at all by most of the people writing for Marvel and DC these days. I also picked up Ennis's new western thing Avatar is publishing, but I haven't read it yet.

Also funnybooks: I'm almost done reading My Life in a Jugular Vein by Ben Snakebite, about whom I can find virtually no information online. It's a collection of daily diary strips by a 30-ish punk rocker who lives in Austin, Texas. It's a bit samey after a while -- almost every strip has him making out with a cute girl, eating Mexican food, working at a video store or touring with one of numerous punk rock groups -- but like James Kochalka's diary strips, Snakebite lets you into his world with his whole heart. Sometimes he comes off like a dick, sometimes he seems like the greatest guy in the world. And he always makes me hungry for Mexican food. His art and writing are a little like John Porcellino's, so if you like King Cat, you may really dig the comics of Ben Snakebite.

Not funnybooks: El Mexicano in Hudson Falls, New York is probably my favourite Mexican restaurant in the world right now. I'm a long way from Austin, obviously, but El Mex is the most authentic Mexican food I've ever had, a family-run place that has never, ever served me anything less than extraordinarily wonderful food with a great atmosphere and amazing service. Worth a trip from anywhere in a hundred-mile radius, Roger. (Assuming you like Mexican.)

Hmm, any more funnybooks? I got the new James Sturm's America collection from D&Q but have not cracked it open yet. It collects three of his powerful takes on life in America, and having read them all, I can tell you that it's essential reading if you've never dug into his stuff.

Still feeling better, 10 minutes after starting this post. Amazing. Well, my big plan for the day is to pick up some groceries and get a haircut. It looks like a lovely day outside, so I'm gonna pop a Claritan and venture out into it. Enjoy your weekend.


Blogger Roger Green said...

Yes, I do like Mexican, and so does my wife. Maybe when the child is with the grandparents...

25 September, 2007 12:47  

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