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Monday, September 17, 2007

The Numbers Game -- This started as my answer to a question on the CBG message board: "Why does Jeph Loeb keep getting work in superhero comics?"

To have a career in superhero comics, you must possess at least two of these three attributes:

1. Be talented
2. Meet your deadlines consistently
3. Have friends in the industry (or, a recent alternate to this one, be considered famous outside comics)

Loeb is obviously a 2/3. See also Johns, Straczynski, and Meltzer, the other fan-fiction-writing cancers on superhero comics. I was going to include Bendis, but at one time he was a good writer, a former 1/2 who became a 2/3.

Alan Moore in his glory days was a 1/2. So was Kirby, Kane, and most other people you would think of as masters of the artform who also toiled within the superhero trademark maintenance machine.

The ones that really aggravate fans are the 1/3 crowd. How many creators can you name that are talented, but always late, yet they're forgiven and continue to receive assignments because they have friends in the industry or are considered famous outside comics? Bryan Hitch, Kevin Smith, Frank Quitely...who else?


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