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Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Darwyn Cooke Comics Journal -- I meant to mention this in the previous post, but it deserves its own post anyway.

The new Comics Journal features an extraordinary interview with animator/cartoonist Darwyn Cooke. It's one of those long, detailed chats the Journal does so well that makes you want to go re-read everything the subject has ever created. Reading it, I was really struck by that retarded piece Mike Sangiacomo once wrote about how styles like Cooke's aren't suited for superhero comics. This interview proves rather the opposite. Cooke is an iconoclast and a visionary of the very first order, a young buck (relatively speaking) with the sensibilities, instincts and talents seen in very few creators in comics history. To my way of thinking, he stands a a modern peer to geniuses like Bernie Krigstein, Alex Toth, Will Eisner, Jack Kirby and Gil Kane. His work is a tribute to the very best of what has come before in the artform, and a signpost of the very best of what might come in the future. Kudos to Michael Dean, Markisan Naso and everybody at The Journal for delivering one of the most important, enlightening and entertaining interviews in the magazine this year (or any other).

There's other good stuff in there too, of course, including a good interview with Ernie Colon, who was a favourite of mine from his Richie Rich days and pretty much anywhere I could find him from there. He always struck me as a synthesis of Walt Simonson and Gil Kane's styles, and he has a lot of interesting stuff to say about the industry, especially his days at DC.

I also like the letter from a creator who had been reviewed in a previous issue by Galaxy alum Rob Vollmar. Rob is one of the greats of comics criticism circa 2007, and now everybody can see why.


Blogger Richard Marcej said...

It's funny that you describe Cooke as a "young buck" as I've always thought of him as the opposite.

I recall reading an interview with Cooke years ago (Comic Artist I believe) and if I'm not mistaken he started briefly in comics then worked for years in "the real world" As a graphic designer I believe (forgive me, I'm doing this from memory).

I believe it's the fact that he hasn't done just comics, that he's actually been out working on different aspects of art and designs, that he understands so much more than just comics, that help set him apart.

I believe he was well into his 30's when he returned to comics.

I may have to try and track this issue of CJ down, maybe since I'll be set up at SPX I'll see if II can find it there.

24 September, 2007 09:31  
Blogger Alan David Doane said...


I really meant "young buck," in relation to his true peers in the industry, Kirby, Toth, Kane, Eisner...

24 September, 2007 09:37  

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