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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Roger on FantaCo's FF Chronicles -- Roger Green's been promising some FantaCo related articles for a while, and today he delivers a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of The Fantastic Four Chronicles. Unsurprisingly, Jim Shooter turns up as the turd in the punchbowl.

Roger notes that today is the anniversary of the birth of both FantaCo and Jack Kirby, both sadly gone and much-missed by me. Both loom as giants in my memories and are thought of on a daily basis; I hope you'll take a look at Roger's essay, as well as Tom Spurgeon's wondrous visual tribute to Jack Kirby.

Coincidentally, today is also my wife Lora's birthday. I'd wish her a happy birthday here, but she doesn't read my blog, so instead I'll tell her when she wakes up, and again when the kids and I take her out for her birthday dinner tonight.

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Blogger Roger Green said...

My wife barely reads my blog, either. Actually quite funny when she looks at it a few months later and says, "You used THAT picture?"

Oh, and thanks for the plug. Any FantaCo requests?

28 August, 2007 15:21  
Blogger Alan David Doane said...

I'm on board for any FantaCo stories you have, Roger. :-)

28 August, 2007 15:33  

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