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Monday, August 13, 2007

Rest in Peace, Mike Wieringo -- One of the best superhero artists of my lifetime has died. I heard the news at Occasional Superheroine; expect hundreds of sincere appreciations in the days to come.

Ringo was one of the nicest people I ever encountered online, and was always upbeat and encouraging of my efforts here. To lose him so young, at just 44 years old, is a tragic loss for his family and for all of us.

I first saw his work in The Flash when he and Mark Waid turned it from mediocre superheroics to the must-read monthly in very short order. Watching him go from eager beginner to accomplished master was an unusually short process -- he was tentative and a bit uncertain at first, but by the end of that run he was drawing circles around any other artist you could name. He continued to improve with every new project, and I always looked forward to seeing what he had up his sleeve next. It's hard to believe there won't be a next Mike Wieringo project ever again.

Here's my Five Questions for Mike Wieringo from August of 2004.

Thanks for all the great comics, Mike, and thanks for being a great human being. I'll never forget you, or the way you touched my life.


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