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Friday, August 24, 2007

Random Friday Babbling -- And thus does an entire week get away from me. Here's where it went...

My weekend spent mostly outdoors resulted in a pretty severe allergy attack that lasted Sunday night through Tuesday, so I pretty much took to my air-conditioned bedroom and read a lurid true-crime paperback I found at the library. On Wednesday I was feeling better, and had a rare opportunity to get the comic shop the day the comics actually come out, so I did that. Pretty big haul, including the new Complete Peanuts volume (which has the strip from the day I was born, but I checked it and it's nothing portentous, damn it) and the last few Grant Morrison Batman issues, because damn, the new arc with artist JH Williams is spectacularly well-written (and drawn), and even ties into both Seven Soldiers and Morrison's JLA and JLA Classified runs.

But what really kept me busy the past coouple of days was the "offered again" Comics Journal #169, which my shop got a copy of. I grabbed it up (not sure if it's in my extensive boxes of TCJ back issues or not and didn't feel like checking). The Neil Gaiman interview from 1994 is fantastic reading, and has a lot of commentary on the industry transition from floppies to graphic novels that is even more relevant now than it was in 1994.

Gaiman's discussion with interviewer Gary Groth is really worth a read; he's one of the few people Groth's interviewed that rise to the level of Groth's intelligence, and the resulting back and forth provides rare insight into the creative process, the business of comics, and the industry in general. Really good stuff.

All of which, really, is why I haven't read even one comic book all week long. But I hope to remedy that this weekend. If I don't crack open that giant Nirvana biography I also grabbed at the library...

PS: Like everyone else, I really liked Occasional Superheroine's examination of the disastrous current state of things at DC. She nails the multiple, nigh-insurmountable problems right on their multiple little heads.


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