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Friday, August 03, 2007

The Friday Briefing -- Not much to discuss this morning; yesterday I did one of those once-or-twice in a lifetime radio interviews which went spectacularly well, I thought, and which I am in the middle (literally, I'm halfway through) of transcribing and hopefully will have up here by Monday. It'll also be on the ADD writeblog at the same time, given that it's not about comics, and that's my new repository for my non-comics writing. But it's a piece I think you'll enjoy reading, if you spend any amount of time here at all.

Something that is about comics, and that I'm happy to direct you to, is Rob Vollmar's San Diego Comicon wrap-up. I wish I'd been in San Diego just to get to meet Rob in person. That would have made the trip worthwhile all in itself. His recollections are intimate, funny and well worth a look.

Stop by James Howard Kunstler's website for a photo essay and commentary on his daily bike route. I find this fascinating for a number of reasons. I used to live maybe a mile from there, on Hyspot Road in Greenfield Center. Well do I remember the difficult hill he describes early on, especially the winter day I got stuck in an icestorm halfway up that hill and my car started sliding back, back, back...I had to sit on tenterhooks until a sander came along and left enough salt and sand for me to get some traction and get the hell out of there. Also, the route is about two or three miles from my current comic book shop, Comic Depot on Route 9N in the Stewarts Plaza, just a bit north of the places Kunstler describes. And finally, I enjoyed the piece because I enjoy the hell out of pretty much everything Jim Kunstler writes, as I've mentioned here in the past. He has a new novel coming out in March of '08, and I'll be talking about that a bit more in the days ahead.

And that is all I have for you at the moment. More next week, I promise.

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