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Thursday, August 09, 2007

FantaCo Dream -- Last night, I dreamed that I was in FantaCo, the now-closed comic shop in Albany, New York that I bought my comics at when I was 15 to probably 18 or 19 years old.

I was so excited to be there again, and I only had one thing on my mind. I knew if I dug through enough of the back issue bins, I could put together a complete and good-condition set of the FantaCo Chronicles series.

One employee told me he thought they probably only had the Fantastic Four one left after all these years -- in the dream, that one had the highest print run -- but he was happy to work with me side by side to check all the bins to see if others might be buried in there somewhere.

And yes, that employee was Roger Green. He was extremely helpful, I must say. Great to see him again at FantaCo after all these years. By now he must be reading this, so, hey, Roger, thanks for all your help!

I had another weird comics-related dream earlier in the night, in which I was Tony Stark, paying some sort of official visit to a school in an underwater compound. My son was one of the students, and when they gave a test I played along and sat in the little chairs and took the test. At some point I realized the teacher was a supervillain, and she turned into a swarm of insects, which I had to swing wildly at to keep from reforming into her human form (I swear, I never have dreams like this). The worst part was knowing we were all trapped under water, and my Iron Man get-up was back up on the surface.

The FantaCo dream was much more pleasant.


Blogger CHunter said...

Dude, must have been some bad shrimp you ate before bedtime!


09 August, 2007 07:42  
Blogger Alan David Doane said...

I had the shrimp earlier in the week, so maybe it was a delayed effect. :-)

12 August, 2007 12:12  

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