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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Checkin' In -- Sorry for the dearth of comics-related posts hereabouts. The post-San Diego lull led into my interviewing Jim Kunstler, which took me four days to transcribe, and I really hope Roger isn't the only one of you that read it all the way through (thanks for the link, Rog).

I'm busy at work this week, busier than usual, and that is contributing, too. A lack of review copies has meant a lack of reviews; I guess nothing got sent out during the Comicon or directly thereafter.

Two pieces of comics-related news:

* The Engine is going away. Warren Ellis has decided once again to close down his message board at what seems like a time of heavy activity. I'm of two minds; I enjoy some of the conversations that go on there, but I agree with Dirk that comics needs a similarly focused and managed board that doesn't revolve around one person the way The Engine (and the WEF before it) did.

* Scott Dunbier has apparently been disciplined by DC for issues surrounding Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Black Dossier. No, I am not linking to anything today, I'm tired and in a hurry and you know how to Google as well as I do. But yeah, Rich had this story yesterday, forcing DC to issue a quickie announcement about the fate of the project. All I can say is, Scott Dunbier was at the helm of just about every actually good comic Wildstorm ever released, and if DC sees a need to slap him on the wrist (or worse), it shows just how fucking lost they are when it comes to creating good comics, and rewarding the people who help to make that happen. Dunbier is one of the unheralded heroes of great comics over the past decade, and this situation shows just how many heads need to roll at DC. Hint: Dunbier's isn't one of them.

Okay, end of rant. I'm going to go shower, get breakfast and go to work. Enjoy your humpday.


Blogger Tom Mattson said...

I should have commented on the Kunstler interview the other day, as I read every word. It was a very interesting interview, and I enjoyed it a great deal. Don't feel you did it for nothing, and hopefully others are taking the time to read it as well.

08 August, 2007 13:33  
Blogger Alan David Doane said...

Thanks, Tom, I appreciate that!

08 August, 2007 13:41  
Blogger Witts said...

Second! the Kunstler interview was... well, gripping. and now i have a new author to seek out when i have a few extra bucks to spend on amazon.

I miss the comic talk of late, but that interview was GREAT.



09 August, 2007 02:33  
Blogger Alan David Doane said...

Thanks very much, Darren. I'm thrilled to hear you're going to check out his books. If you get them used you can get some of them pretty damn cheap, and they are all entertaining enough to invite re-reads, so it's money well spent.

09 August, 2007 02:38  

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