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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Thursday Comics Headlines -- Ach, I didn't sleep much last night. Dreams of ex-girlfriends and annoying ex-co-workers and bees, big fat fluffy bees stinging me. Bastard bees.*

So, today you're only getting headlines I am interested in.

* Best reading of the day: Comics retailer Mike Sterling answers questions from readers about the 1990s crash of the speculator market for comics. Really good. I love it when retailers share their personal experiences selling comics. Related: My son got some pogs at that comics convention in Saratoga Springs last weekend and is now fascinated by them. Hey, Mike, you got any Spider-Man pogs left in the back room?

* Dick on The '90s Part Three.

* Joss Whedon Finds Writing Comics More Rewarding Than Movies and TV. While Astonishing X-Men is not really doing it for me like I hoped, Buffy Season 8 delivers everything it promises.

* Jog Looks at Rogan Gosh, at the new Savage Critic. I haven't read this piece yet, this is actually my reminder to do so later when I am more awake.

* This is just bizarre. Have you no sense of quality control, corporate comics industry? Have you, at long last, no sense of quality control?

* I swear I actually had all those dreams last night.



Blogger Roger Green said...

I was looking up something (about Smilin' Ed, actually) and I came across a reference to "Fantaco vs. Bissette" in the The Comics Journal no. 138 (October 1990), page 18. What the heck was that about? (I left FantaCo in '88.)

19 July, 2007 12:06  

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