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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Dick Doesn't Hate the '90s -- Part Two of Dick Hyacinth's journey through his life in comics is up now. I love it, but I would love it even more! if he would include the apostrophe in the term '90s.

I should be grateful he isn't spelling it 90's.

I sure do miss literacy.

Speaking of literacy, I finally seem to be RSS literate, after years of struggling with why people are so damn worked up over syndicated feeds. I spent some time on bloglines.com yesterday, and set up feeds for my favourite blogs (both comics and non-comics). I even added some RSS options to the sidebar over on the right. So, yes, Johanna, I think I finally get it.



Blogger Roger Green said...

From the Wikipedia post on apostrophes comes a reference to someone who says that '90's with the second apostrophe IS acceptable in the US, though not in the UK. I mean, I WOULDN'T, but it does have it's advocates. I mean, its advocates.

12 July, 2007 14:45  
Blogger Dick Hyacinth said...

Apostrophes are for chumps and imperialists, really.

12 July, 2007 16:01  
Blogger Nik said...

Hey Alan, how did you add the RSS links to your sidebar? I like the look of those.

12 July, 2007 16:36  
Blogger ADD said...

Hey Nik,

The Bloglines and Technorati ones are on their sites, and I made the ADD/RSS one myself. If that's the one you like e-mail me what you'd like one to say and I'll make it up for ya.

12 July, 2007 16:42  

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