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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Decent Nation -- I haven't bothered commenting on the Michael Moore/CNN brouhaha, because it's just so goddamned obvious how biased CNN's piece was, and how badly they wanted to discredit one of the few people standing up and asking for the United States to become a decent, humane and mature nation.

But I did want to point out Moore's plain-English retort to Dr. Sanjay Gupta's baloney about how health care is not "free" in countries that actually put a priority on taking care of their citizens:

"All of the media should start saying how much it costs to go to a doctor in these other top industrialized countries: Nothing. Zip. It's FREE. Don't patronize Americans by saying, 'Well, it's not free -- they pay for it with taxes!' Yes, we know that. Just like we know that we drive down a city street for FREE -- even though we paid for that street with our taxes. The street is FREE, the book at the library is FREE, if your house catches on fire, the fire department will come and put it out for FREE, and if someone snatches your purse, the police officer will chase down the culprit and bring your purse back to you -- AND HE WON'T CHARGE YOU A DIME FROM THAT PURSE! These are all free services, collectively socialized and paid for with our tax dollars. To argue that health care -- a life and death issue for many -- should not be considered in the same league is ludicrous and archaic. And trust me, once you add up what you pay for out-of-pocket in premiums, deductibles, co-pays, overpriced medicines, and treatments that aren't covered (not to mention all the other things we pay for like college education, day care and other services that many countries provide for at little or no cost), we, as Americans, are paying far more than the Canadians or Brits or French are paying in taxes. We just don't call these things taxes, but that's exactly what they are."

And that's that with that, as a wise man (well, a wiseguy) once said. Fuck you, Dr. Gupta. You've violated your Hippocratic oath, your distortions have done harm, and you ought to be ashamed of yourself.



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