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Monday, July 02, 2007

Butcher on Advance Copies -- Christopher Butcher sorts out the whole deal with The Beguiling and advance copies from Marvel and DC in this post. Chris does say that Diamond occasionally gets it right when it comes to being a good retail partner, in his experience, but agrees with me that smart comics retailers should "source every book [they] carry from two or three different distributors and see who offers up the best deal, the best shipping, the timeliest turnaround." This is how, Butcher notes, The Beguiling "...get[s] the books in first and carr[ies] them the longest, and get[s] you the best price on them."

This explains why, in my February, 20065 visit to the store, I saw books that didn't arrive until a month or two later from Diamond, at the comic shop I was using at the time.

I have to say I am totally baffled why anyone who wants to serve his customers well and operate a profitable and growing business would rely solely on Diamond for the majority, if not the entirety, of their stock.

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