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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Wednesday Briefing -- There are a lot of interesting tidbits on the top-shelf comics blogs this morning.

* Beaucoup Kevin investigates and concludes that Gary Esposito has been using a fake name to troll his comments section. Esposito apparently denies it, and I wish it weren't true because he's been a loyal reader of The ADD Blog. But it seems like Kevin has done his homework, and I really hate fuckwit comment trolls, so the whole thing is very disappointing. If it's not Gary, I hope he can prove it, but the evidence seems pretty damning.

* Dirk Deppey leads off today's Journalista with as succinct a description of the blinkered Direct Market mindset as you're likely to find. It's a short quote from Kyle Baker, so click over and read it, right at the top. Baker may be a bit blinkered himself, in that he seems unaware of great comic shops like The Beguiling in Toronto or Modern Myths in Northampton, to name two which don't meet Baker's "Barnes and Noble/Filthy Superhero Convenience Store" divide. In fact, great shops like those are the solution to the problem, which I believe I wrote a little bit about here not that long ago.

* Christopher Butcher gets to the bottom of the problem with MOME. Now, I have followed the series since it began and I continue to look forward to every new volume, but Butcher hits the nail right on the head. It's a hard series to explain, and his suggested tweaks would go a good deal toward making it work better in the long term and find more of an audience. I hope the powers that be are listening.

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