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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Tuesday That Was -- Worked most of the day, left a few minutes early because I just did not feel well. I hope I'm not coming down with anything, as I am hoping to make a minor roadtrip over to Massachusetts on Friday, and being sick would kill that, because I am driving...

Heard from my comic shop that some of the titles I special ordered are on their way, so that's good news. It's amazing the stuff that I find out about after it's already been solicited, which is why I reluctantly jumped back on the Previews bandwagon. But keeping up is important, because the past few years have produced more great comics than any other decade I can remember, ever. My two large and one small bookcases are all bursting at the seams, there's a large pile over in the other corner waiting for a new bookcase (hey, Father's Day is this month!), and more good stuff comes out every week. It's uncanny. And that's just book-books, graphic novels -- don't even get me started about floppies. No matter how I trim the herd, there still seems to be three or four dozen floppies waiting to be put away as they pile up every few weeks. And I only keep the good ones!. Like I said, uncanny.

Tonight should be quiet -- I want to catch up on some TV watching, with episodes of Planet Earth and Boston Legal and Lost waiting for me. I ordered pizza because I didn't feel like cooking and no doubt the kids will soon be clamoring for food. At the moment they're playing or doing homework or whatever it is kids do at ten after five on a Tuesday. I have a feeling bedtime will come early tonight, at least for me. I'd like to grab some extra Zs and hopefully be recovered by morning from whatever it is that's slowing me down today...



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