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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tuesday, Briefly -- Not a lot going on this morning. I added a few more Make Mine COMICS! images and links to the gizmo on the top of the sidebar, if you're keeping score. I'm still welcoming your suggestions for images and links, so e-mail me if you like.

My son has his elementary school graduation this afternoon, as he is heading into middle school next year. My daughter, and it gives me pause to write these words, but she is starting high school. I think I must offically be very, very old. Having quit caffeine last week in the wake of my little health crisis, I certainly feel old. Or tired, at least.

I started reading the new Fletcher Hanks collection I Shall Destroy All The Civilized Planets from Fantagraphics last night, review forthcoming. But I'll say right out of the gate that anyone at all that enjoys comics storytelling or adventure fiction should pick it up, it's absolutely essential reading, in its own, unique way. It's pretty great to live in a time where there's enough of a market for comics that something like this can find a place on a publisher's release schedule, given the obvious amount of editorial and production attention that went into making the volume as beautiful as it is.

Hey, did you download and read Abhay Khosla's Left Field yet? You should.

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