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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Previews -- Just made my way through the newest edition of Previews, and I don't think I'm pre-ordering anything this time around. Maybe Mark Millar and Anthony Williams's Unfunnies #3-4, because I am curious how that story ends. I'd love to get the new Adrian Tomine hardcover Shortcomings, but I have the single issues it collects and am kind of broke at the moment. The real ache this month comes from the new hardcover Walt and Skeezix Sundays collection, which looks to be out-of-this-world gorgeous. But at $95.00, that definitely is not in the budget at the moment.

It's funny, when I see Previews is arriving in a given week's Diamond shipment, I get a little excited to see what it holds in the good section, the one past the Marvel/DC/Image/Dark Horse whatever section -- not that there aren't occasionally books worth reading in that part as well -- but every month, when I actually grab a pen and a piece of paper and start slogging through it, man, it's a relief when it's over. And that's even with ignoring the crap like t-shirts, toys and whatever else is past the section with the good funnybooks in.

I am curious about Dwayne McDuffie's run on JLA, which starts with the issue solicited in this month's Previews, and may take a look if the word of mouth is good, once it's collected under one cover. But the taint of Brad Meltzer on the title and the fact that they have frigging Ian Churchill drawing the multiple covers of McDuffie's first issue? That's a lot of negative factors that just won't let me give the nod to my retailer to set one aside for me.

And wow, those Spider-Man "One More Day" covers are godawful hideous. At the shop last night, my son surprised me by asking if I would buy him the newest issue of Spider-Man Adventures, and I did, and I'm glad there's at least one Spider-Man title that appeals to an 11-year-old boy, even if it is the ghettoized "Kiddie" version. Which is to say nothing at all against the Marvel Adventures line -- most of the titles seem well-crafted and appeal to the target audience -- I just don't understand why you can't apply those factors to the main Marvel Universe titles. Are they so afraid the superhero convenience shop junkies won't support comics that aim to entertain rather than arouse?*

* By "arouse," I don't mean sexually, I am referring to Marvel and DC's ongoing use of "events" and "deaths" to arouse interest in SCSJ** instead of quality comic book storytelling that would attract a far wider audience.

** SCSJ=Superhero Convenience Shop Junkies.

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