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Sunday, June 24, 2007

A Cappella -- Texas cartoonist Christine Pointeau has created two issues of A Cappella, which aims to explore the self through the intersection of whimsy, surreality, and mythology.

There's an irksome pomposity to the proceedings, an earnest and obvious belief that this is important stuff. And while such aphorisms as "open your heart to people," "thoughts create form," and "never apologize for love," might seem profound, they can also seem trite; and here, out of the mouth of a talking turtle lecturing Pointeau's cartoon avatar on her areas in need of improvement, they seem most of all like leftovers from Yoda's Book of Do, Things You Should.

Each page of both A Cappella: When Are You Coming Home and A Cappella: Open Heart is a full-page image, so the cumulative effect is more storybook than comics. There are arresting techniques here and there, but overall there's a wearying sameness to the depictions of our wandering heroine in her various ethereal environments. And to paraphrase Huxley vis a vis God and beetles, Pointeau seems to have an inordinate affection for drawing feet. Which, at least, puts her ahead of Rob Liefeld.

In the end I didn't much care for these efforts, although a reader with more appetite for whimsical fantasy elements than I might find value in them. If you crave the comics of Jennifer Daydreamer or those found in the Flight anthologies, A Cappella might work for you.



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