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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Blogging About Blogging -- Since I resumed regular blogging here, I have learned a number of things.

1. Blogger seems a bit...diminished to me. Posts and especially template changes seem to take forever to go through, although I'm learning that sometimes it may just be my machine the changes aren't showing up on. Because...

2. Internet Explorer realy does suck like everyone says, and I've switched to Firefox. Firefox seems to be a huge improvement in internet browsing, but with Blogger there may be cache and cookie issues, which require workarounds for me until I figure thing out. Workarounds like...

3. Add a question mark to the end of a URL and then hit shift+reload, and you will actually see the newest version of a webpage. Something to do with making a dynamic call to the server, kind of like an agitated drunk in a bar. "Garcon!" Anyway, I learned much of this either because of switching to Firefox and Googling the problems I was having, or because of problems I've had establishing...

4. RSS Feeds. I'll be honest with you, I don't much see the point of them -- I'm really old, and I like my bookmarks just fine. If I like your site, chances are, pathetically, I check it several times a day to see what you're up to. And I guess I kind of assumed everyone was as bored/neurotic/desperate for information as I am. But no, Johanna let me know pretty clearly that a lot of people are hooked on RSS these days with no plans to go into rehab. Now, if you have been checking this site several times a day, you probably know I have had a number of RSS misfires, at least one of which required ointment to heal. I don't wanna make a big deal about it in case it once again doesn't work, but I have once again attemtped to create a working RSS Feed for The ADD Blog. Please try it out if you're RSS-savvy, and after a couple more updates here let me know if it seems to be working right. if it isn't, and chances seem to favour that outcome, there's always...

5. The Google Group. I've created one so you can subscribe to an updates mailing list for this blog. Subscribe here. Yes, I know it's the 20th century way of getting things done. But I was born in early 1966, so that not only makes me old, it makes me older than Star Trek. And anyone that old should know...

6. Blogging about blogging is a sin. Yes, Mike, I know!



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