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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

And Now For Something Completely Different -- Minor medical emergency wrecked the hell right out of my Monday evening...I won't disgust -- bore you with the details, but needless to say the essay I was polishing up Monday afternoon may not be up for a day or two. I'm on antibiotics and hopefully will be all better in a few days. But if I don't post much today, I didn't want you to think I had crawled back in my cave, although hibernating sounds awfully good right now.

Sopranos Spoiler Alert...

I did get around to watching The Sopranos finale, and while I was a bit baffled at first (like much of the rest of the viewers), I did some online research and found out that if you watch carefully, and pay attention to what characters are in the restaurant at the end, there's little doubt about what happened.

I think writer/director David Chase deserves a little more credit than outraged but apparently very casual viewers are giving him. There were a couple of echoes of the original pilot, which I would not have caught if I hadn't watched it Sunday night, and I think the most important clue goes back to the conversation Tony and Bobby had on the boat when they were relaxing on Lake George a few weeks back, before they got mad and beat the crap out of each other.

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