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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Pressing Issues of the Day -- Weighing in on recent kerfuffles in the comics blogosphere...

#1: Johanna is Right -- A lack of diversity is why superhero comics don't matter anymore. A lack of diversity in creators, storylines, characters, and readers. A lack of diversity is why Manga has made the inroads that it has in the past decade, and the people up in arms about what Johanna had to say about diversity would know that if they paid attention to the real-world readership of comics as a whole rather than the inbred, moronic discussions at the superhero convenience stores whose days are numbered across North America.

#2: Tentacle Rape -- I looked and looked, on CNN.com and elsewhere, and could find no news coverage whatsoever of anyone or anything with tentacles raping anybody, anywhere, with their tentacles or anything else. Perhaps those upset by this imaginary scourge would do well to read point #1, above.

#3: San Diego Comicon -- As usual, Tom Spurgeon has a great guide to the San Diego Comicon. My plans in two words: Not going. As usual. Oops, that's four words.



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