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Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Long Holiday Weekend -- I dearly love three-day weekends, and another one of them has descended upon These United States even as I type this. Of course, an "Air Stagnation Warning" kicked it all off yesterday, something I'd never heard of and no one else I talked to had either...but I am sure with the state of the environment, we can look forward to many new and unfamiliar warnings in the years and decades ahead.

Hmm, that seems bleak for someone starting off three days off. Let me try a little harder:

Hey, everybody! Hope you have a fantastic weekend, and that YOU may perhaps be work-free for an extra day as well.

Happy Belated Birthday yesterday to BWS, and Happy Timely Birthday today to James Kochalka and Herb Trimpe. And thanks as always to Tom Spurgeon, who obviously has a much better system for keeping track of important information than I do.

And tomorrow? Tomorrow is my 14th wedding anniversary. Phew, and they said it wouldn't last! (Well, SHE said it wouldn't last, or she hoped it wouldn't, or, you know, something like that.) I'd say "Happy anniversary, honey" but she never reads my blog. But happy anniversary, honey, just the same.

Speaking of anniversaries, the fifth one of this here blog is coming up. Yet another reason to get back in b-i-bidness. I do have to get to the funnybook store today to pick up my weekly haul -- as well as run to the bank, get a haircut, pick up my daughter from her sleepover, and other stuff. So, I'm'a go do that. You have a good weekend and I'll see you back here early next week. Deal?



Blogger Roger Green said...

Happy anniversary! We have the same anniversary month (Carol & I 8 years on the 15th)> Actually, there was a guy in my church who DID tell me that he didn't think it would last.

28 May, 2007 11:36  

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