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Thursday, April 05, 2007

April Showers -- And now it's April. Sorry once again for the lack of posting, which recently prompted a prominent (and even reputable!) comics journalist to drop me a line asking what the hell is going on. The short answer is, for me, online, not much. The long answer is mostly boring and involves work and family and blah blah blah, and hey, look, you're bored already.

So just to make it worth your while having stopped by, I thought I'd note that yes, it is still my desire to resume this blog full-time. I just need to find the time and wherewithal to make that happen.

I made that most painful of comics decisions this week, switching comics shops. Ever see that Seinfeld episode about switching barbers? It feels a lot like that, like leaving your girlfriend or cheating on your wife. It's made even harder because I love the staff at my old shop, and their selection is probably the best between New York City and Canada. But financially, having now not worked in Albany for close to three years, I can no longer justify the expense for gas to get there, which has in recent months kept my comic-shop visits to once a month (if that)...

On the bright side, the shop I'll now be getting my books at is close to home, so I will be able to better keep up on timely comics issues...you KNOW you were aching to hear my rant about Captain America's tragic demise, right?




Blogger Roger Green said...

I was talking about you with Fred Hembeck just today. I said the last time I checked your blog, it was 2/2. And now, two whole posts.

Did you happen to go to that comics show on 3/10? i heard about the details far too late. John Hebert and/or Dave Palladino were reportedly billing it as a mini-FantaCo reunion, but I don't know who, if anybody, came from the store.

Sorry about your friend Mary.

11 April, 2007 00:58  

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