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Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Monday Briefing -- Looks like a lot of great comics are coming out this Wednesday, and I definitely wanted to give you a run-down of titles to look out for.

CRIMINAL #1 (MR) $2.99 -- Ladies and gentlemen, after months of anticipation, creators Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips bring you the best new crime comic of the year, and a contender for best new series in years. Much more information at A Criminal Blog.

AMERICAN SPLENDOR #2 $2.99 -- Any new work from Harvey Pekar is reason to celebrate, and the first issue was a genuine delight and wonderful sampler of Pekar's gift for realism in autobio comics.

COMPLETE PEANUTS VOL. 6 1961-1962 HC $28.95 -- The eleventh and twelfth years of the greatest comic strip in history, and Schulz was in classic form. Reading this last week, I found myself highly tuned for the increasingly rare appearances of mostly-forgotten characters like Shermy and Violet, and sadly wondering each time if that was the last time they would show up. There're a lot of pre-Woodstock birds hanging around Snoopy's doghouse, and Miss Othmar returns, married and vexing Linus over his habit of bringing his blanket to school. This reprint series is in its prime now, and will be for another five years at least -- don't deprive yourself (or your children) of these classic strips, entirely worthy of the claim and as fresh as the day they first appeared.

PREMILLENNIAL MAAKIES 1ST FIVE YEARS HC $24.95 -- If you've loved, as I have, the hardcover widescreen reprints that Tony Millionaire's strips have enjoyed in recent years, you'll (like me) appreciate this re-packaging of the original softcover collection from five or six years back. That this and a Complete Peanuts volume are coming out on the same day certainly says something about the diversity and quality of the material Fantagraphics publishes -- from the most traditional, humanistic and subtly subversive strip of all time to the most perverse and nihilistic, all in two gorgeous, durable hardcovers worthy of the comics within. Gary, Kim, Eric, and everyone at Fantagraphics, seriously, on behalf of everyone who loves comics, thank you.

SWEETER SIDE OF R. CRUMB HC $30.00 -- I already posted my review of The Sweeter Side of R. Crumb, and I urge you once again to pick it up. Great stuff, recontextualized in a fascinating and genuinely charming manner.


Enjoy your Monday.

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