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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Random Thoughts While I Should Be Sleeping -- In no particular order...

1) I can't believe there are still people who draw a distinction between "TPB" and "GN." Gang, the battle's over --they're all graphic novels.

2) Upstate New York really needs a comic book convention, and it needs Rick Olney to have nothing to do with it. Sorry, Rick, but, there it is.

3) Artists who guarantee a buy from me: Tom Raney, Chris Sprouse, JH Williams, Bryan Hitch, Frank Quitely, Sean Phillips, John Cassaday, Darwyn Cooke, Erik Larsen, Gene Ha, Jacen Burrows, Jose Luis Garcia Lopez, Cameron Stewart, Barry Windsor-Smith. This started as a list in my head of the superhero artists who still give me a visceral thrill, and I could add a batch of qualifiers -- for example, Quitely needs to go back to fuller pencils and a real inker (himself or someone else), and Raney certainly has been mostly mis-used since Stormwatch with Warren Ellis. But these artists all still really get a rise out of me. I would love to see Ed Brubaker do something with Tom Raney, or Ellis write something for BWS. I suppose it's not a coincidence how many of these artists have done some of their best work with Alan Moore, Grant Morrison, Ed Brubaker or Warren Ellis, the four writers whose corporate comics work has most excited me in the past decade. But yeah, you don't have to be a writer-artist to grab my attention, miscast as I sometimes am as an artcomix indie snob.

4) Seriously, dude, ALL TPBS ARE GRAPHIC NOVELS. Stop worrying about it.

5) You know what is a REALLY under-rated run of great comics? Wildcats Vol. 2 #8-28 by Joe Casey and Sean Phillips. GREAT FUCKING RUN OF COMICS THERE. If you like Godland or Marvel Zombies or Sleeper, and you haven't read those Wildcats issues, hunt 'em down. You'll thank me for it.

6) Also, if you love Hitch and Neary art, Wildcats Vol. 2 #5 is ALL HITCH AND NEARY, and worth tracking down. Came out in the middle of the Ellis/Hitch/Neary/Depuy glory days of The Authority, and still gorgeous to look at.

7) Studio 60 started off semi-strong; love having Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford together and back on my TV (well, computer, but, same diff), but Amanda Peet? Drop her down an elevator, Aaron, she's excess baggage. Pretty, but utterly dispensible.

8) Boston Legal is back. Downloading the first ep of Season 3 now. This is good news. Not as good as having The Shield, 24 or Entourage back on would be, but it helps. Downloading The Unit for my wife; it's watchable, but...but...

9) Confidential to Harlan Ellison -- if you had died after writing "The City on the Edge of Forever" 40 years ago, we would all remember you as a great writer. Now we will all remember you as a dirty, cranky old fuck who couldn't wrap his brain around the internet. Or much of anything else.

10) I really miss Hunter S. Thompson.

11) Back to bed now.

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Blogger Roger Owen Green said...

Well, why don't YOU organize a comic book convention in upstate New York, let's say, for no particular reason, in Albany?

02 October, 2006 09:22  

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