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Friday, September 01, 2006

All-Star Superman #5 -- Wow! Every once in a while Morrison (like Moore) takes a few issues to grab me, and this is the one for ASS, a title I had rapidly been losing interest in.

An issue-long meditation on the Lex/Superman relationship, nothing but dialogue and brilliantly staged action that comments on the divide between Lex and Superman. And finally, the art looks worthy of the title.

If you've grown weary of ASS, do give this one a shot; if you liked JLA: Earth 2 by Morrison and Quitely, this is exactly the comic you've been waiting for for the past six years.



Blogger Derek Martinez said...

Agreed. Grant did a nice bumbling Kent without making it corny and the art suited it perfectly. I can't beleive there's a decent Superman book on the shelves.

05 September, 2006 00:41  

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