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Friday, August 11, 2006

BUY THIS BOOK -- You may be aware that Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips's Sleeper was one of the best comics of the past decade. A complex look at a double (or is it triple?) agent working inside the most powerful criminal organization on the planet, for 24 issues it was the best book being put out by DC/Vertigo. So of course, they cancelled it.

Brubaker and Phillips are back:

Criminal #1 is listed on page 80 of the current Marvel Previews catalog.

The Diamond order code for #1 is AUG06 2090 D4. It will arrive in comic shops in October, but you need to tell your retailer NOW that you want a copy. Hell, buy two or three and share them with friends who enjoy good crime stories, comics, or both.

You can download a Criminal PDF "trailer" to enjoy, pass around, and again, show to your retailer. Making sure that as many people as possible are aware and excited about Criminal is the best way to make sure we get to read it and enjoy it, for a good long time. If you have a blog, blog about it. If you're on a message board, write it up and link to the PDF. If you're in church, politely step up front and ask if you can preach the good word of Criminal for a few moments.

Wait, that last one might not be such a good idea.

But seriously, now is the time to get the word out, Criminal is coming, and it's going to be great comics. Brubaker and Phillips have proven themselves time and again, together and apart. But I like 'em best together, and the coming of Criminal makes me very, very happy.


Blogger Johnny B said...

To not pick this up would be, well, criminal!

12 August, 2006 16:19  
Blogger ADD said...

Agreed, Mr. B!

12 August, 2006 16:45  

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