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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Thursday Afternoon Linkblogging -- Yesterday was an insane day at work, to the point I felt like I was in the engine room of The Titanic with Dixie Cup in hand to help me stem the rising tide. I also had an allergy attack late in the day that floored me for about four hours, which was probably brought on in part from the stress at work. I am a sneezing, coughing mess of a man, yes indeed, I am.

The San Diego Comicon coverage I have most enjoyed this year has been that generated by good pal Christopher Allen. If you haven't been keeping up, his threatening-to-become-an-epic multipart saga is here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5. Part 6 should wrap things up, if we're lucky, maybe tonight or tomorrow. It's personal, witty writing from one of the best minds writing about comics today, so give it a look.

There are some wonderful SDCC photos up right now at the Fantagraphics blog, and I especially enjoyed this Eric Reynolds post, which has lots of pics and also runs down Eric's favourite titles from the convention. There are a half-dozen books on that list that I'd cut off a toe for. Sure, one of your toes, but that doesn't make it any less difficult. In fact, you might even put up a struggle.

Warren Ellis isn't kidding. Ignore him at your own risk. If you decide to look, though, have a melonballer handy to scoop out your eyeballs afterward.

Oh, Comic Foundry's video coverage of San Diego was very good -- professional looking, witty and informative, plus you get to see some famous nerds walk and talk -- and in one case, chew gum. Here's the red carpet interviews, featuring a couple extremely rude jackasses interrupting the goings-on; also, a travelogue, also worth a peek.

Although his commentary on the comics industry is generally undercooked and overblown, I liked Dorian's post on gays behaving badly.

That's all for now...

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