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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I LOVE LED ZEPPELIN by Ellen Forney, published by Fantagraphics Books.I Love Led Zeppelin -- My mother went most of her adult life thinking that it was "Bud Zeppelin," and that he was a single individual; also, she thought Rolling Stone was solely about The Rolling Stones.

If you think Ellen Forney's I Love Led Zeppelin is about Led Zeppelin, you're as wrong as my mother was. Although, as Rolling Stone did cover The Rolling Stones occasionally, there is a Led Zep connection: Forney includes lyrics from the song "Dazed and Confused" in one of the sharp, funny comic strips collected herein. Also, Led Zep's most well-known style of lettering is used as the font for the chapter headings. Other than that, though, Mom, I Love Led Zeppelin is not about Led Zeppelin.

Just wanted to clear that up.

Ellen Forney is a startingly direct and communicative cartoonist, and the strips contained in I Love Led Zeppelin are therefore able to convey great amounts of information and entertainment in very compact spaces. The book's first chapter is a series of one- and two-page How-To pieces that both educate and elicit laughs. Like much of the material here, Forney works with other writers and collaborators (Ariel Bordeaux handles half the art chores on a strip about hairstyles), but her art is a unifying element that allows the diverse subjects to fit together under one cover, and the many points of view Forney communicates seem therefore mostly worldly and informed, rather than random and scattered as could have been the case with less skillful editing, or less canny choices of subject and collaborator.

Among the things I was delighted to learn more about in this section were How To Be A Fag Hag (a witty and observant piece created with Margaret Cho), How To Tip Your Server (nothing I didn't already know, but now I know I am at least as worldly as Forney in this regard, and an entertaining strip anyway), and How To Fuck A Woman With Your Hands (ditto, and shut up).

Other sections include Short Comics, and Collaborations (some with the terrific sex columnist Dan Savage) and there is black-and-white and colour throughout, seemingly chosen strictly by how the strip originally appeared, not out of budget considerations. The oversized presentation (published by Fantagraphics) allows Forney to stretch out and show a lot of different facets over the course of the 110 pages of I Love Led Zeppelin. From the informative and enlightening How Tos to engaging reportage (a piece on taking a walk with a neighborhood legend is a standout) and autobiography, the collection shows Forney as a formidable cartoonist with an unusually strong gift for speaking right to the reader, and keeping their attention no matter what the subject matter.

I Love Led Zeppelin is an extraordinarily fun collection, one you'll likely find yourself returning to from time to time while you await Forney's next work. I know I will.



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