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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Bad Articles and Kneejerk Defenses -- You know, it's not that hard to be an online journalist, but it's even easier if you can do lousy work and defend it by whining about how hard it is. Christopher Butcher once again calls for minimum standards for online journalism. The usual suspects whine about their terrible lot in life.

Bonus Fallacy: The fucking idiots in Newsarama's comments section are a reliable "Wiki" that serve to self-correct shitty articles.



Blogger markus said...

I'm fairly certain Heidi was _not_ talking about Newsarama but her own comment section. Not sur eif she's right, but the statement wasn't as obviously nonsensical as you make it out to be.

15 July, 2006 09:40  
Blogger ADD said...

I don't think the broad intention of this statement...

Mistakes are mistakes, and bad. Always. However, daily online journalism is very difficult and the comments section acts as a built in Wiki.

...could be any more clear. She is talking about all "daily online journalism."

15 July, 2006 10:06  

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